Dan Rule is a freelance writer, occasional editor and independent publisher based in Melbourne, Australia. Covering music, arts and culture, he is published widely across Australia in The Age, The Big Issue, Sydney Morning Herald, Music Australia Guide, Oyster, Cyclic Defrost, Dazed & Confused, The Vine, UHH, Broadsheet, Australian Book Review, Rhythms, Brisbane Times, Canberra Times, DIG Internet Radio, Spinach 7, Good Reading, Inpress, Rave, Drummedia, The Brag, and Riptide. Published in the US in Grooves. Published in the UK in Scottish Big Issue. Published internationally on RBMA. Music Editor, Big Issue, 2003; SoundPlay Editor, Spinach 7, 2004; Film Editor, Dazed & Confused Aus/NZ, 2008; Beats Editor, Music Australia Guide 2005-Present; Senior Writer, Music Australia Guide 2008-Present; Columnist, Around the galleries, A2, The Age 2009-Present. Poetry published in Voiceworks, Verandah, Next Wave Festival Guide and Iceberg Journal. Winner of Verandah Poetry Prize 2004. Co-founded And Collective independent art publishers with Justine Ellis, Marc Martin and Rik Lee in 2002. Co-wrote, co-edited and co-published And Collective Book One (2002), And Collective Book Two (2004), Personal Empires (2006), A Place Tells a Story (2008). Edited New & Used, the debut collection of collaborative fiction and photography by T.B. Hemingway and Warwick J.P. Baker.

This blog is a collection of new and past work.

tel: +61 427 421 890
email: dan@andcollective.com

All promo and post:
PO Box 86,
East Brunswick,
VIC, Australia, 3057.

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