Lucky Dragons – ‘Dream Island Laughing Language’

July 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

Published: The Big Issue, # 305, June 2008.

Dream Island Laughing Language
Lucky Dragons

Dream Island Laughing Language is shudders of sound and melody and rhythm; it is splinters of light through trees. It is a chest full of fresh air and a head full of computer parts; it is clouds and planes and birds in the same sky. It is the 19th release from hyper-prolific young Los Angelite Luke Fischbeck (aka Lucky Dragons) and it is as wonderfully surreal and joyous as its title portends.

Woven via fragments of melody, percussion, texture and wordless voice, the record’s 22 fleeting vignettes reference but never embrace a stockpile of musical and ethnographic intonations. Psychedelic melodic hues, static-riddle noise and placid Japanese folk inflections entwine themselves deep within skittering electronic rhythms. The effect is startling – as equally cerebral as it is immersive and emotive. See the brilliant ‘Morning Ritual’ and ‘Mirror Friends’ for evidence.

Dream Island is a rare and astoundingly individual record. Brimming with both familiarity and near alien abstraction, it resonates with the intriguing contradictions of contemporary culture. Indeed, while these sonic scapes shine with sprawling cross-cultural scope, they also whisper with intimacy, contingence and connection. Lucky Dragons has crafted a work of wondrous, iconoclastic musical syntax.

Dan Rule


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